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Cori Michelle's first mini collection

We're excited to unveil Cori Michelle's debut mini collection, a groundbreaking fusion of style, empowerment, and versatility. This innovative line introduces transformational styles that adapts to your personal style and comfort level. Whether you choose to embrace modesty or flaunt your confidence with a touch of sexiness, this collection puts the power in your hands. Each piece is designed to transform, allowing you to control how much skin you show. Cori Michelle believes in celebrating the beauty of choice and self-expression through fashion. Get ready to redefine your wardrobe on your own terms. Welcome to a collection where modesty meets allure—because the choice should always be yours.

Introducing COR by CORI MICHELLE

We're thrilled to introduce COR by Cori Michelle, a revolutionary athleticwear line designed to empower and inspire. Crafted for those who dare to stand out, COR brings a vibrant explosion of color and bold designs to your workout wardrobe. Created by Cori Michelle, a visionary in fashion and fitness, COR is more than just clothing—it's a statement. Each piece is meticulously designed to boost your confidence, enhance your performance, and encourage you to embrace your most vibrant self. Get ready to shine brighter, push harder, and live bolder with COR. Welcome to the new era of athleticwear.

Welcome to Cori Michelle boutique

Introducing Cori Michelle Boutique, where fashion becomes a vibrant celebration of individuality and confidence. Our boutique is dedicated to inspire and empower women to embrace bright colors and bold prints, bringing a touch of joy and uniqueness to every wardrobe. Each piece in our collection is thoughtfully curated to inspire self-expression and boldness, encouraging you to step out of the shadows and shine. From dazzling daywear to statement styles, Cori Michelle Boutique is your go-to destination for styles that are not only eye-catching but also designed to make you feel unstoppable. Dare to be different, embrace your brilliance, and let your wardrobe reflect the vibrant, fearless woman you are.



CORI MICHELLE is a woman-owned direct-to-consumer women's clothing brand that provides fashion forward styles, prints, and fabrics that allow YOU to choose how much skin to show. We are different because not only do we provide the option to show as much or as little leg as you want, but we also let you choose how much or little bust. This allows each style to be worn for so many different occasions. 

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Styles that give you the option to show as much or as little skin.

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Get to know the brand CORI MICHELLE....
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Introducing CORI MICHELLE CORI MICHELLE takes "making it your own" style to a whole other level with designs that let YOU choose.  We are a woman-owned direct-to-consumer women's clothing brand that provides...

Meet Cori Michelle + COR by Cori Michelle

Posted by Cori Michelle Shop Admin

Welcome to my first blog post. I am so glad you are here for this journey. I am delighted to introduce my two brands to you. Cori Michelle is my...

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