CORI MICHELLE is a woman-owned direct-to-consumer women's clothing brand that provides fashion forward styles, prints, and fabrics that allow YOU to choose how much skin to show. We are different because not only do we provide the option to show as much or as little leg as you want, but we also let you choose how much or little bust. This allows each style to be worn for so many different occasions. 

CORI MICHELLE brings innovative dresses, skirts, tops, pants, and jumpsuits with design details:

  • Signature XO Cami that is worn with its accompanying dress or top to provide bust coverage and the illusion that it is one piece. The XO Cami comes with the style and is not sold separately. This gives these styles 3x ways to wear them: Cami with dress/top for a more modest look, just the dress or top for a sexier look, or the cami by itself.
  • Dresses and skirts that have buttons from waist to hem that can be buttoned up for a more conservative look or unbuttoned to show more leg.
  • Dresses, jumpsuits, and skirts will always have pockets when the style allows.
  • Thoughtful zipper placement for ease of getting out of the garment quickly.
  • I meticulously hand pick every fabric focusing on soft hand and many that are wrinkle resistant. If you are going to wear them from day to night or for many occasions it's a must that they feel the best that they can.
  • I hand pick the prints as well as custom design. I focus on colors that look great with any skin color and urge you to feel empowered when you wear them. 

Our founder and creative director, Cori Michelle, grew up in Wyoming where fashion and trends were not always top of mind. However, that did not stop her from developing her individual style by wearing colorful prints, flowy fabrics, or whatever she felt suitable for the occasion. This turned many heads and she soon realized that many of the outfits she had in her closet were not fitted for everyday wear. Eventually she moved to LA where she found fashion in everything and her personal style was more accepted. She eventually started a job in the digital marketing industry, where the dress code was open and a little more lenient. While this allowed for more opportunity to wear the pieces in her closet that did not get as much love, there were still many more revealing pieces that were only appropriate for LA’s nightlife. That is when she came up with the idea for her brand to design styles that are not only sexy but have the option to wear for a more modest occasion, such as the workplace or family gatherings. You won't have a problem finding styles that you will want to wear again and again.

 xoxo- Cori Michelle