CORI MICHELLE takes "making it your own" style to a whole other level with designs that let YOU choose. 

We are a woman-owned direct-to-consumer women's clothing brand that provides fashion forward styles, prints, and fabrics that allow YOU to choose how much skin to show. We are different because not only do we provide the option to show as much or as little leg as you want, but we also let you choose how much or little bust. This allows each style to be worn for so many different occasions. 


Our founder and creative director, Cori Michelle Atamer, grew up in Wyoming where fashion and trends were not always top of mind. However, that did not stop her from developing her individual style by wearing colorful prints, flowy fabrics, or whatever she felt suitable for the occasion. This turned many heads and she soon realized that many of the outfits she had in her closet were not fitted for everyday wear. Eventually she moved to LA where she found fashion in everything and her personal style was more accepted. She eventually started a job in the digital marketing industry, where the dress code was open and a little more lenient. While this allowed for more opportunity to wear the pieces in her closet that did not get as much love, there were still many more revealing pieces that were only appropriate for LA’s nightlife. That is when she came up with the idea for her brand to design styles that are not only sexy but have the option to wear for a more modest occasion, such as the workplace or family gatherings.


CORI MICHELLE brings innovative dresses, skirts, tops, and jumpsuits with design details:

  • Design patent pending XO Cami that is worn with its accompanying dress or top to provide bust coverage and the illusion that it is one piece. The XO Cami comes with the style and is not sold separately. This gives these styles 3x ways to wear them: Cami with dress/top for a more modest look, just the dress or top for a sexier look, or the cami by itself.

XO cami sequence from wearing to removal. Showing top with coverage and then not.

  • Dresses and skirts that have buttons from waist to hem that can be buttoned up for a more conservative look or unbuttoned to show more leg.

Image of buttons down slit of the skirts. Shows buttoned all the way down and then all the way up.

  • Skirts or dresses that have buttons up to the waistline will be sewn together 6-7” down so that there is no gaping around the midsection when standing or sitting.

Image showing where along the skirt slit is sewn down to eliminate the possibility of gaping of the buttons when sitting or standing.

  • Skirts and dresses that meet or exceed fingertip length so that they are appropriate for the office. The skirt also stays in place so you aren’t constantly tugging at the fabric and readjusting throughout the day.
  • Dresses, jumpsuits, and skirts will always have pockets when the style allows.

Image showing some styles with pockets, including jumpsuits and dresses.

  • Jumpsuits are designed with taller women in mind. The crotch is dropped 2-3" compared to many of the jumpsuits out there which allow taller women to wear them comfortably and still look great on those that are shorter.

Image of jumpsuit with lengthen torso.

  • Thoughtful zipper placement for ease of getting out of the garment quickly.


Did you know most women do not know how to properly measure themselves for the style they are purchasing and end up with the wrong size?

Our sizing reflects real women’s bodies and recommendations are given specific to each piece. We will let you know if your size should be matched with a waist measurement over a bust measurement, for example.

Cori Michelle will be available in sizes XS | S | M | L | XL


Our customers will be delighted when receiving their packages. Our packaging is beautifully minimalist in design and created from eco-conscious materials.

Our styles are packed in 100% compostable bags, which can be disposed of at home or commercially.

Image of eco friendly packaging.

No plastics are used to ship our products to customers.

By wearing CORI MICHELLE, you will be the chicest person in the room, while also helping the environment.


Cori Michelle is proudly made in the US and chooses locally sourced manufacturers.

Image stating Made in the USA.

This brings positive change to the fashion industry, by taking a stance against the manipulation of less developed countries where workers are treated poorly. When you buy from me, you are helping the industry move the in the right direction.

Our manufacturers follow all CAL/OSHA health and safety requirements and ensure that our garment workers enjoy safe and ethical working conditions while earning a fair wage. Being local also allows me to visit and develop not only a professional relationship, but a personal one as well.


Cori was born and raised in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where she grew up in both the country and the city. Part of her childhood was spent tending to horses, fixing tractors, and exploring the great outdoors; while the other part was spent enjoying time with friends, shopping, and working on her many projects (some of which led her to where she is today). As a child, some of Cori's fondest memories were spending time with her Grammy, designing and sewing one-of-a-kind outfits for her Barbie dolls. This is the true beginning of her journey to create CORI MICHELLE.

After high school, she attended the University of Wyoming where she received her BS in Business and then moved to the City of Angels where she attended FIDM for Fashion Design. After graduation, Cori pursued a career in advertising and gained knowledge in marketing and management, two skills that would come in handy when starting her own label.

Until recently, Cori’s vision of having her own brand seemed to simply be a dream. And though it felt far-fetched, she could always confide in her Grammy. They would send postcards back and forth to each other many of which would be Grammy supporting and pushing Cori to pursue her dreams. In 2018, her Grammy passed, and Cori knew she could not let her down. A year later Cori started the development of her first mini collection. The development took a halt when COVID hit which pushed her launch date to 2022. She knows she is looking down so proud of her.

Photo of Cori and her grammy.

xo - Cori Michelle


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Introducing CORI MICHELLE CORI MICHELLE takes "making it your own" style to a whole other level with designs that let YOU choose.  We are a woman-owned direct-to-consumer women's clothing brand that provides...

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