Welcome to my first blog post. I am so glad you are here for this journey.

I am delighted to introduce my two brands to you. Cori Michelle is my clothing label inspired by independent women who balance a career with a vibrant social life and is not afraid to take risks. The Cori Michelle woman wants to travel the world and make memories along the way. My COR by Cori Michelle label is an athletic wear brand focused on giving women stylish activewear that does not compromise on comfort or functionality.

Cori Michelle is an eponymous brand that comes from a lifelong love of sewing. I started designing from an early age when I learned how to sew from my grandmother. We designed barbie clothes together which blossomed into later designing clothes for myself and I fostered this love of design as a hobby until I moved to Los Angeles. By a happy coincidence, I walked into a LA fabric store one day and realized my dream of creating my own clothing line could now take place.

At Cori Michelle, I make each of my designs with attention to detail. Each piece starts as a hand-drawn sketch and goes through several cycles of revision before we get to the finished product. I choose each fabric by hand, focusing on soft and flowy materials with feminine prints. I design my clothes for women and focus on creating pieces that flatter every body type.

Whether you like to show off a tan or prefer to keep it modest, my styles are designed to fit your lifestyle. I want to create pieces you reach for every day and help you build a wardrobe that makes you feel as good as you look. My Cori Michelle signature XO cami gives the illusion of a one-piece garment to make your favorite party outfits appropriate for the office.

My clothes are designed to take you effortlessly from day to night, whether it is our princess seam slits with button detailing or our XO cami. Life is too short to wear clothes you don’t love!

You should be able to curate a wardrobe of pieces you love, that spark a little joy into your day. My designs will empower you by giving you the choice of how to wear them to show off your personality.

Looking ahead, my efforts will be focused on using more sustainable materials. At Cori Michelle, I believe we all have a role to play in creating a greener fashion industry. Our future collections will include environmentally-friendly alternatives.

I am excited for you to join me as I launch Cori Michelle and COR by Cori Michelle into the world. Make sure to follow me on social media @corimichellexo and @cor_by_corimichelle and sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with all the latest news and releases.

Xoxo- Cori Michelle

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